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March 17th, 2010, 12:47 am



Garo are units of weight.

Lolphysics that you don't need to know:
They are using Wotsh's weight to calculate their rough distance from the planetary core. The possible other "cores" they're referring to aren't literal planetary cores, but objects of gravitationally significant mass in the "planet" that they're on that might be attracting them "upward" (away from what they believe to be the planetary core) and thus making it seem like they're closer to the "edge" than they are. If there is such a secondary core (or several), then Wotsh's weight will "reset" to a very large weight once they "pass" it.
Such objects would of course cause all sorts of crazy things to happen with the orbit of the planet... but they don't even know if they are on an orbiting planet, or whether it's something else entirely. They don't even know what a "garo" really is.

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